Ticket Reservation Online

Terms of Service

When you make a reservation on the Internet, please be sure to read the following.
Kurobe Gorge Railway Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") has established that the terms of service for the use of the Internet reservation service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") by individual users (including groups of up to 15 people) is stipulated as follows.

Article 1 Scope of application for these terms

This terms apply to individuals (hereinafter referred to as "reserver") who make reservations, using this service, from 3 months prior to the day of departure to 15:00 of the day before. Reservation for travel from April to June will be accepted from April 1st.

Article 2 The service

'This service' means reservation applications can be made for boarding the Kurobe Gorge Railway, operated by 'the company' through the internet reservers may also make changes and cancellations with this service.

Article 3 Use of this service

  1. By using this service, users consent to the matters specified in this agreement.
  2. Please understand that there are limits on the contents of services that can be provided, this does not require a reduction of fees or services.

Article 4 Establishing a Reservations

A reservation made through this service shall be established when the reservation number is displayed in the browser and the user completes the application together with payment.

Article 5 Payment Method

The company has selected methods of payment by which users pay the fees for the service. The reserver may select bank transfer or credit card settlement. However, if we decide payment by bank transfer cannot be completed by the day of departure, a cash payment can be made at the window of Unazuki station on the day.

Article 6 Removal of boarding reservation

In the event that the company determines that the reserver has violated these terms or if it is determined that an act corresponding to the prohibited matters stipulated in Article 7, boarding reservation may be cancelled without advance notice.

Article 7 Prohibited matters

In using this service, the following acts are prohibited.

  1. To make a false or misleading reservation application.
  2. To Apply for boarding reservations without the consent of other individuals.
  3. To act in ways that unduly interfere with the operations of this service or that causes a disturbance or disadvantage to the company.
  4. Acts that infringe upon the rights of, inflict damage or cause a disturbance to other reserves or third parties.
  5. Acts that violate public order, morals and laws.
  6. In addition to each of the preceding items, acts that we deem inappropriate.

Article 8 Changes to boarding reservations and cancellations.

To make changes or cancel boarding reservations, reservers must use this service. However, changes and cancellations after payment has been completed can only be accepted by phone.

Article 9 Refunds

In the event of a payment adjustment caused by changing or cancelling a reservation due to reasons stated in Article 6 or Article 8, a refund fee will be charged.

Article 10 Passenger procedure

When booking a train with this service the reserver must present the "reservation completion mail" or "reservation completion screen" at the Unazuki Station counter where tickets are issued. In addition, reservers who used bank transfer must also present a "payment confirmation mail" or proof of payment. If there is no "payment confirmation mail" or proof of payment, a ticket may not issued. A cash payment must be made in Unazuki Station if we judge that payment by bank transfer cannot be completed by the day of departure.

Article 11 protection of personal information

Reservers usage history data with this service will be handled by the company (and other outsourced companies) in accordance with our privacy policy.
Privacy Policy

Article 12 Suspension of this service

We may suspend this service temporarily without notice in advance for maintenance check of the server or when the reservation system must be stopped urgently.

Article 13 disclaimer

  1. In the event that a reserver inconveniences or damages another party by using this service, it shall be the responsibility of the parties to resolve the issue, and we will not bear any responsibility.
  2. We are not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused by the fact that the reserver could not use this service due to the causes stated in Article 12 or trouble with communication of data etc.

Article 14 Others

  1. Items not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with our company's sales regulations.
  2. The company shall be able to change these terms by notifying the reserver in an appropriate manner.
  3. With regard to the use of this service, if problems arise regarding matters not stipulated in there terms of use, the parties will resolve the issue in good faith.


This agreement will come into force on October 10, 2008.