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Ticket Reservation

When can I reserve tickets ?
The overseas website accepts reservations from 3 month to two days before boarding.
For example, a journey beginning on October 15th can be booked from July 15th at 00:01 until 23:59 on October 13. For boarding between April and June, bookings will be accepted from April 1st.
How many tickets can I reserve at a time ?
You can book a group of up to 14 people. For larger groups, please apply to the sales center at kyokoku@kurotetu.co.jp
How can I pay ?
On the overseas version the website, credit card payments must settled in one transaction.
Can I change my reservation ?
You can cancel your current reservation and make a new one. Since reservations are closed two days before boarding, please allow time for changing reservations.
I want to cancel my reservation.
To do this, send a cancellation request from the reservation conformation e-mail. Please note, it may take some time to reply within business hours.
Kurobe Gorge Railway Sales Center (Operating Hours 9:00 – 17:00)
I did not receive the reservation application mail.
If your ‘reservation application e-mail’ didn't arrive, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  1. Your e-mail address was input incorrectly.
  2. The e-mail is being blocked or sent to your spam folder (if this is the case, it is necessary to make the following address receivable) manager@torokko-yoyaku.com
    The subject line will be Kurobe Gorge Railway Online Reservation Application.
I cannot open the URL from the 'Online Reservation Application' mail.
'Online Reservation Application' mail is valid for 3 hours after being sent. Please make a reservation within 3 hours.

Ticket Reservation Input

What are the age categories for children ?
Adults : 12 years and older.
Children : From 6 to 11 years old.
Toddler : From 1 to 5 years old.
Infant less than 1years old.
* Toddlers and infants travel for free.
Is there a discount for people with disabilities ? Do you recognize certificates from overseas ?
We can accommodate travelers with physical, intellectual and mental disabilities.We offer a half price fare to travelers with disabilities and to caregivers(one caregiver for each disabled traveler)

* Children cannot be considered caregivers.
Please present your certificate of disability (original only) when collecting tickets at the station counter. If not presented, we will have to charge the full fare.

We recognize certificates from Japan and also those issued by governments of other countries.
When making a reservation online, fill in the customer information input form.
I want to get off at Kuronagi or Kanetsuri, but I cannot select it. Can I make this reservation ?
We cannot accept reservations for split journeys. If you wish, make a one-way reservation until your first stop, then purchase tickets on that day.
I want to make a round trip reservation to Kuronagi, but I cannot select it. Can I make this reservation ?
We cannot accept round trip reservations for Kuronagi, only reservations one way. Please following the guidance of Kuronagi station staff.
I would like to reserve only the return train journey, but I cannot select it. Can I make this reservation ?
We cannot accept return only reservations. You can select round trip tickets from Unazuki to Kanetsuri, Unazuki to Keyakidaira and Unazuki to Kuronagi, or one way tickets for Unazuki to Kanetsuri or Unazuki to Keyakidaira.
When booking the return journey, why can I not select any dates beyond two days?
Validity period of ticket.
One way tickets are valid only on the day of departure.
Round trip tickets are valid for two consecutive days including the day of departure.
We cannot accept reservations over longer periods of time because of the validity period of the ticket. For this situation, please use same day tickets.
I cannot reserve the train I would like to travel on because it is full. Is it possible to ride without a reservation ?
As there are restrictions on the number of reserved seats, please make reservations as early as possible. 9 days before departure we will update the number of reserved seats so more may become available. It may be possible to use same day tickets.

Reservation number / ID / Password.

When is my 'reservation number' required ?
Your reservation number identifies your ticket details, please keep it in a safe place as it will be necessary for reservation confirmation and collecting your tickets.
When are my 'ID' and 'password' required ?
Your ID and password are necessary for confirming the reservation details or to send a cancellation request.
What should I do if I lost my 'ID' or 'password' ?
We can re-issue it from the login account re-notification screen.

About the procedure on the day.

When can I get my ticket ?
Please print the 'reservation completion screen' and bring it to the window at Unazuki station to collect your tickets. If you cannot print the page, you can forward the 'reservation completion mail' or QR code your mobile or smartphone and present that at the ticket window.
Is it possible for me to designate a specific seat ?
We cannot specify seats, all trains will be free seating.
On the day of departure, can I switch to train that is different from the one I booked ?
Changes are possible if there is vacancy on the train that you wish to travel on. In that case, if there is a difference in price, an additional payment or refund maybe necessary.
Can I use a credit card at the station counter ?
We do not handle credit cards at our station counter. Please note that it we can only accept cash payments.
Is there a cancellation fee ?
Changes and cancellations after buying tickets will incur the following fee per person. Special vehicle ticket・Relax vehicle ticket is a one way fee.
Up to
2 days
The day
and the
day of
Is there a place to leave my luggage ?
There are coin lockers at Unazuki station and Keyakidaira station.


What is the recommended browser and operation system ?
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 11, or Google chrome are recommended.
  • Please specify browser setting as 'Accept Cookies' and 'Enable Java Script'.

* Systems other than the above may not operate correctly.

I am worried about booking over the internet.
This site uses SSL encrypted communication, so you can use it with confidence because the input data is encrypted when being sent and received.
How is personal information handled ?
Your personal information will be strictly processed and managed according to our policies. For our personal information protection policy, please click here.