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For First-time Customers

About this ticket booking site.

Kurobe gorge railway ticket booking site is managed by Kurobe gorge railway.
You can make a ticket reservation in advance for your desired date.

Individuals (including groups of up to 14 people) are eligible. We cannot accept reservations from children (under 12).
Reservations are accepted from 3 months to 2 days before boarding. For April to June, reservations will be accepted from April 1st.

Process from reservation to boarding.

Confirmation of reservation status.

You can check the current reservation status.
For reservation status inquiries click here.


We will Reserve the date, time and vehicle you request through the ticket reservation site.
For reservation application from here.

Payment with credit card is required to complete reservations. Please confirm details about the following payment methods in detail.

Confirm Reservation.

A confirmation e-mail with the reservation details will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. Please check the date and time of boarding.

Ticket collection

On the day of travel, please present a print of the 'Reservation Completion Screen' to the window of Unazuki station to collect your tickets. If you can not print the 'Reservation Completed Screen', you must have the 'Reservation Complete Mail' or reservation confirmation QR code, you can forward this to a smart phone and present it.

The ticket windows may be busy, please complete the procedure 20 minutes before boarding time. The ticket gate opens about 10 minutes before departure.

Payment methods.

Payment for tickets booked on this site must be settled in one credit card payment.

Credit cards available.
Credit cards available.

About reservation changes and cancellations.

To change a reservation, please cancel and begin the reservation process again.
Reservations can be accepted only until 2 days prior to boarding dates. Please pay attention to dates and time when cancelling your existing reservation for modifications.

For details on how to cancel, see the operation guide.

About operating system.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 11, or Google chrome are recommended.
  • Please specify browser setting as 'Accept Cookies' and 'Enable Java Script'.

* Systems other than the above may not operate correctly.

Contact Information.

Kurobe Gorge Railway Business Center
11 Kurobe Kyokokuguch,Kurobe-shi,Toyama-ken,938-0293, JAPAN
E-mail. kyokoku@kurotetu.co.jp

Correspondence and inquiries take place within business hours, it may take some time to reply.
Business hours 9:00 – 17:00 ( 16:30 between 1st – 19th April )